Many people feel we are now on the edge of something new. The edge of what is hard to discern but its there. Perhaps something good perhaps bad and probably both. Thoughts from the edge looks back at the path we have taken and considers what lies beyond.

Thursday, February 25, 2010


Before peak oil there was this saying that the stone age did not end because they ran out of stones after peak oil the saying was they did not not start making stone arrow heads again because they never ran out of glass and steel.

This Week In Petroleum => This Week In Propaganda

Watch the forest see the trees

Complex system analysis requires and understanding of the whole without losing sight of the individual components.

A dead man does not use gasoline or food.

No wheels no roads, no roads no armies.


  1. Hi Mike !

    I know this is troubled water, but I am just curious on what are your thoughts about the endgame here. Are some humans smarter than yeast and bring a radical solution to the conundrum ?

  2. I'm in India right now and I can say that its going to be really really hard no matter what happens. This lack of recognition of coming hardship will almost certainly make it worse. Beyond that its tough to really say we simply have to many people on the planet and until we solve that problem we are stuck pushing the constraints of our environment.

  3. Mike, if you have got a minute, I like to bounce off some thoughts over at my blogspot:

    Have a good time in India !

  4. Hi Mike!

    You make a very valid point regarding group thinking and mess cover up after the fact. Your explanations give it a nice intellectually “palatable” taint. Thanks’ for pointing that out!

    All I really wanted to say is: there is motif, opportunity and possible delivery mechanism. Might I add I am usually very sceptical of any conspiracy theory.

    I don’t deny the usefulness of such concepts as KISS and Occam’s. In an ordinary world and ordinary times, they have a proven track record.
    Thing is, we are living extraordinary times. Our world, our civilisation as we know it is literally at stake. Very few people do realise how bad it really is.

    Our “Alpha Elite”, extraordinary powerful, sophisticated and immensely wealthy people, know all about it. Through their proxies, they influence pretty much everything. They are used to “shape” things. Extraordinary times, extraordinary measures. Possible deniability is built-in in every of their endeavours.

    Anyway, back to my original question:

    About 3 years ago, on TOD , May 9 2007 – 8:14am, on that general subject of what I call Endgame, you wrote interesting stuff.
    I wonder if you have got more insight and if you made some adjustment to your line of thinking.

    start quote:

    „I've mulled this post over for some time and now I'm pretty confident on predicting the chain of events that will lead to collapse….”

  5. Hi, I followed you over from TOD after reading your comments in this 2006 thread:

    Eerily prescient.

    Now reading your backlist.